Taxi licence, initial grant, renewal, loss & wear

  • Taxi license if you have an amateur driver’s license
  • Taxi license if you have a professional driver’s license
  • Renew your taxi license if you have an amateur license
  • Renewal if you have a C-D professional diploma
  • Renewal if you have a professional diploma B
  • Loss-Deterioration

Driving licenses renewal, loss, incorporation & conversions

  • Diploma renewal
  • Loss of diploma
  • Replacement (in EEC)
  • fold wear
  • Integration of moped license
  • Professional to amateur conversion
  • Conversion from European Union
  • Conversion from Sov. Union
  • Conversion from Switzerland
  • Convert from America, Canada & Australia
  • Conversion from Japan, S. Africa & S. Korea
  • Conversion of police license
  • Diploma conversion

Special licenses PEI, ADR, Road transporter’s license

  • Truck ID
  • ADR dangerous goods
  • Licence of a road transporter of goods
  • Passenger Road Carrier License

Instructor Licenses Home, Renewal & Copy

  • Issue of Instructor License
  • Copy of instructor’s license
  • Instructor license renewal

Driving school licenses establishment of KETHEVO operation

  • Permit to establish a driving school
  • License to operate a driving school
  • KETHEO establishment license
  • KETHEO operating license
  • KTEO school branch operating license



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